15 August 2016

Echoes of Time by Anne Allen

When Natalie moves in to her new home, it’s all so perfect. A Guernsey summer, a garden with a sea view... there’s even an attractive neighbour to rekindle thoughts of romance. But it isn’t long before the past invades the present – in the most unlikely of ways.

Solving past mysteries is always evident in this series of books, and in this one we learn about the Occupation of the Channel Islands by the Germans during the Second World War, and its effect on the islanders; how some families are still learning about their past.

If this is your first dip into the Guernsey Series, I hope you’ll be tempted to look at the earlier novels. Throughout the series characters reappear, almost as cameo appearances, and it’s a delight to see how they’ve developed over the passing years.

I quite like the idea of being one of those characters, part of the ensemble cast, invited to a barbecue, a walk on the beach…

The warmth of Guernsey shines through the pages, making this a perfect piece of escapism – whenever you read it.