29 October 2015

The Lost Journey Homeward by Eve Bonham

Pride as much as rivalry seems to be the main motivation in two siblings separating from their family. Kate is determined to go along an independent path, whilst David finds it necessary to break from commitment and responsibility. Neither loses the love of their family and it’s ultimately that love that binds them together and gives them the strength to survive.

The plot itself is interwoven with unspoken threat. Kate’s acquaintances bring with them a cloud of foreboding and threat. David’s dreams of career success seem thwarted. And what of their father? Theo is a man with a past, a man who loves his family beyond all else and will do everything to ensure they know they have his unconditional love.

The reader understands what creates those threats and it’s almost like watching a cat playing with a mouse as we witness the taunting of a family.

I found the characters compelling and was especially drawn to Theo and his resilience.

This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book.

I received an uncorrected proof copy from the author.

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The Lost Journey Homeward