30 September 2014

White Oaks by Lyn McCulloch

I came across this book via Facebook – a friend mentioned that it was set in Swanage (albeit under the guise of Sandhaven) and as I had spent thirty years in the town, I was intrigued enough to buy a copy.

It wasn’t difficult to recognise the landmarks – the pub at the bottom of the hill, the newsagent and the Italian restaurant – and to locate the actual guest house on which the author had based her story. 

The author reveals that the book is based on her own experiences as a virgin seaside landlady. My parents owned a hotel and I was pleased the author had stressed the frustrations – and hard work – involved.

But without my knowledge of the town and the industry, was it still a good read? Beginning its life as a serial published in My Weekly, it was always going to be enjoyable.

My niggles are more with the production of the e-book. Some sentences didn't make sense – Gordon squeezed her hand and a she began...

And this slip of the finger should have been corrected – "Grr1...

I don't know why an Edwardian building had a Victorian door - another detail that could be easily resolved.

I’d love this book to be updated – I’d certainly be able to add another star to my review if it was.