5 September 2014

Pets Aplenty by Malcolm D Welshman

Anyone lucky enough to have a pet knows they become not just part of the family – but are the family. Is it any wonder how we fret when they need the care of a professional – a vet?

Doctors, so we are led to believe, have a bedside manner – but what of that vet?

With so many nails to clip and sexual urges to curtail, it might all become a tad mundane for these particular professionals in their white coats. But fear not! At Malcolm D Welshmen’s Prospect House practice, the vets are as soft as their patients’ owners.

Pets Aplenty follows the exploits of young vet, Paul Mitchell, as he gets to grips with birds of prey, escaped pigs and sundry fowl. Paul’s a very likeable chap. The action is seen through his nervous eyes – but it’s clear he has all the makings of a dependable and reassuring vet.

Sometimes books of this kind – where the animals are the stars – can be a tad too sentimental, but Welshman’s plot creates realistic scenarios and very believable emotions. Paul is acutely aware of how his clients regard their animals – he’s lost his own pets and knows how awful it can be. And that’s what I found most touching – we learn an awful lot about the nature of vets, as much as we do about the animals they care for.

Inevitably there’s plenty of humour – what’s not funny about an escaped snake and a naked neighbour? But it’s gently humorous, cleverly woven through the routine of a vet in practice.

If I were lucky enough to share my life with another dog, I’d want Paul Mitchell at its bedside!

I received a copy of this book to review and it's available on Amazon (published by Austin Macauley): Pets Aplenty