12 July 2014

Edith's Return to Devon by Daniel Pitt

I had high hopes for this book. I bought it, hoping to read it when visiting Exmoor. As part of the plot centres around one particular region of the moor, I thought it would be the perfect read.

There's no doubt the author can write – but the book lacks polish. Too many errors detracted from my pleasure: lead/led Fathers/Father's past/passed fur trees/fir trees wondered/wandered Moon light Sonata/Moonlight Sonata – all had me gritting my teeth, and that was just the beginning (I only recorded errors within the first thirty pages).

This is a long book – and there's nothing wrong with that, provided it's been edited. Some sections should have been cut, it would have made a much tighter and enjoyable read. That would also have allowed the reader to become closer to the characters. Too many ‘brand names’ had been included, as if the author had felt it necessary to prove he’d undertaken some research.

The author must have spent so much time and effort on this book that I almost willed it to improve – but even towards the final pages... parent's should have been parents'. Basic errors have no place in a novel of this magnitude – or price.

In its current format I can only award it three stars. Error-free and with an edit, it's possibly worth four (on a good day).

I hope the author takes the time to update and correct this work – otherwise it remains a bad start to a very promising career.

The book is available from Amazon.