30 April 2014

Mandrake's Plot by Helen Laycock

Even though I knew I would be painfully homesick, I always wanted to attend a boarding school. But not just any school - I wanted it to be a fictional one, where there were adventures and midnight feasts!

More than forty years later and I still yearn for those adventures. I've finally accepted it's never going to happen, but thank goodness I can still read about those schools in YA fiction.

Helen Laycock's St. Agatha's might not, on my first day of term, be quite the place of my dreams, but Evie and Mia are certainly characters my younger self would like. Despite only meeting on their way to the school, they soon become firm friends and eventually solve a number of conundrums.

Of course it's far-fetched, but in a believable way, and it's also great fun.

It's a short book, but there's a lot crammed in. Good plot, great characters, excellent read.

And I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover...but I do like this one!

The book is available from Amazon.

Here's a link to the photographer responsible for the great cover image.