27 April 2014

Finding My Tail by Samantha Newbury

I received this collection as a prize, won in a raffle.

The skilful poet will use their words sparingly, but reveal the most. That’s exactly what I discovered with this beautiful collection of poems.

Some are so personal that I was almost embarrassed to peek into the lives they described. But I soon realised that Samantha Newbury was inviting me in, to share in her experiences. There are some poems that will sear themselves into your mind – you may not recall them in their exact delivery, but you won’t forget the emotion.

I have re-read Home many times and it still brings a lump to my throat.

This is a complete collection. There’s sadness, fear, humour and happiness – I challenge anyone not to feel uplifted by the strength and breadth of the poems.

100 Metres is a perfect example of how simply sophisticated good poetry is – few words but they win the ultimate prize.

As a Capricorn I confess that my favourite is Finding My Tail – perfect for a fellow old goat…

Having this lovely book on my shelf will allow me to revisit Samantha’s work – and remind me how powerful good poetry is.