19 March 2013

Sell Your Books! by Debbie Young

I came across Debbie Young’s book on Twitter - yes, I am living proof that Twitter adverts can succeed!

I’ve never written a book, but I am interested in marketing, particularly indie books.

Too many authors do all that hard work - write and publish their novel - then sit back and wonder why it isn’t selling.

There wasn’t anything ground-breaking in Debbie’s advice, but I’m not necessarily the target audience. I do know that indie authors often need to have the obvious pointed out to them.

Creating an online presence is essential - be it a blog or a website. We live in the age of Google and there’s nothing more frustrating (to me, a potential customer) than finding ‘zero results’ when I want to learn more about an author before I turn my cash into copy.

So when should you buy this book? When you’re about to publish? No! Buy it during the writing process. There are days when you need a break from your book and what better distraction could there be than to plan your marketing campaign? Many of Debbie’s recommendations need to be in place before you finish writing and when the going gets tough, I think you will be inspired and motivated by her ideas.

Me? Well, I so enjoyed imagining myself at a radio interview, grinning from the cover of a local magazine and being toasted at the champagne-soaked launch party that I may need to write a book of my own…

Debbie writes with authority, especially when she reinforces the need for reviews, particularly those published on Amazon. She cautions against the over the top, five-star-written-by-friends review. And she’s right to do so - but this book deserves a five star review, so that’s what it’s getting!

Find this book on Amazon: Sell Your Books!: A Book Promotion Handbook for the Self-Published or Indie Author