24 March 2013

Had We But World Enough by Maggie Cobbett

This is the second anthology by Maggie Cobbett that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. This new collection of short stories takes 'migration' as its theme.

Each story carries a simple message and demands the reader consider the implications of each tale before moving on.

We read almost every day of people leaving their homes, moving to new countries. How often do we take the time to consider those people as individuals?

The plight of Mary (Plenty More Where She Came From), taken from her home with dreams of a new life, could be the story of many girls that make the headlines. I suspect that’s why I found it so moving - that it is fiction based so sadly on fact.

But this isn’t a morbid book. There’s humour, intrigue and a good pinch of honest observation.

A Deal’s A Deal, Isn’t It? certainly made me chuckle and anyone who has family abroad will certainly appreciate the twist in First Christmas.

Another lovely collection, highly recommended.

This book is available from Amazon.