2 February 2013

Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver

There’s something about being near the sea in the winter that strikes a chord with me. I grew up near the coast, so a novel set in a Cornish fishing village was always going to appeal.  The economy might rely on the tourism during warmer months, but there’s something special about having the sea to yourself in winter. Cold winds, salty air and romance – what more could I ask for?

Of course in the real world the sea can be a taker of life, it’s not just for romancing over. And that’s where this novel scores highly – the author hasn’t shied away from the life-taking powers of the tides.

Having witnessed the sailing competitions during the 2012 Olympics I am, of course, an armchair expert and there was enough detail about sailing to keep me happy.

This was a lovely read, the power of the sea leapt from the pages and there was enough sizzle to keep me sailing along. I hope the author releases more of her work – I think she’ll garner a loyal following within this genre.