14 January 2013

Far Out by Fiona Faith Ross

Saffron lives a hard life. She has none of the comforts that a 17 year-old in our world might take for granted. Second-hand clothes, the taste of a juicy pear, fresh water – these are the luxuries of the 22nd century.

But this isn’t a bleak tale – the author doesn’t fall into a trap of demanding pity from the reader.

As Saffron joins her father in the fight against the Servers, this novel develops into a subtly moralistic and hopeful story.

There’s delight in the common hedgerow, of connecting with the power and potency of natural remedies. Modern technology allows for a new level of communication, but Saffron’s a young girl that realises there are more important matters than communication via holograms.

I found the story complex and interesting; the author manages to engage the reader by weaving threads and ideas that are timeless – family, commitment, love and freedom. Those are key to any age.