12 January 2013

Blackfeather by Nel Ashley

I loved this book and here's why.

Even plots of fantasy must have credible characters and Nel Ashley has gone beyond this with Blackfeather and written a story I so wanted to be true.

It ticks many boxes for me - history, romance, fantasy and genealogy (yes, really!).

I've spent many a happy hour examining historical records and headstones, so straightaway I felt a connection with Kate. This multi-faceted heroine unravels a story that spans centuries - how I wanted to be her!

There's good pace, thrilling moments and even a touch of gore - but not too much.

I already knew the author was writing a sequel - and sometimes that can be counter-productive. Can there be a satisfactory ending if the author hasn't finished telling her tale? Yes - most definitely.

As a debut novel this is remarkable and it was no surprise to me that it had been shortlisted for The Festival of Romance New Talent Award 2012.