11 November 2012

Alexa's Song by Rosalie Warren

From the free excerpt I knew I was going to love this book. By the time I’d finished reading, I adored it.

Rosalie Warren writes with authority, she has researched the mental health issues the plot demands – Jake, the main character, is bipolar.  Manic episodes, depression and irrational behaviour could make for difficult reading.  Is it really possible to entertain a reader when you make those issues as much a character as Jake, Mike and Alexa?

Jake’s manic episodes were written boldly and with compassion.  The author had established his personality with such realism that I found the most difficult of scenes flowed naturally and more importantly, convincingly.  Manic episodes demanded a manic pace and Rosalie Warren just slipped into a new gear so easily that I was caught up in Jake’s spiral.

Would I buy a novel just about bipolar? No.  And I didn’t. Although Rosalie Warren makes it clear that it’s integral to the plot – and it is – it’s also a novel about relationships, loyalty and love.  And it’s all four of those elements that made it a most entertaining read – and why I enjoyed it so.

What is it about Alexa’s Song that lifted it to five stars?  Quite simply, it was the dialogue.  It was so outstanding that I’d recommend any wannabe writer take a look and see how it should be done.

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Alexa's Song