4 October 2012

Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me by Caroline James

Caroline James has thrown a veil of fantasy over the harsh realities of how a single parent deals with raising capital to buy a new life for her and her son.  And isn’t that what fiction is for?  I don’t want to read about deprivation, self-pity and soaring interest rates.  Seduction, sex and success are mixed with more than a few glasses of Cointreau as the heroine looks for support behind the bar.

Some of the plot is fanciful, but if I want to know how hard it really is to run a hotel, be a mum and find love (if not passion) I'd reach for a different book and my own bottle of Cointreau.  Gritty realism may not be found here, but escapism and a good yarn will be.

As involved as I was with the plot, it was only towards the conclusion that I realised how much I'd come to enjoy my time with Jo, her friends, those gypsies and their roving eyes…