2 September 2012

Paint Me a Picture by Patsy Collins

Life’s what we make it, isn’t it?  But what happens when you reach that middle-age and decide you’ve had enough of making do?

Mavis reaches that point and opts to jump ship.  Her life has been disappointing and she’s frustrated by the legacy of a domineering mother.

But don’t despair, life has more in store for Mavis and Patsy Collins’s latest book is a lesson in the value of life.

A kind gesture, a smile – such little things we all take for granted.  But for Mavis they mean the world.

There’s an under-current of mystery to the tale – Mavis is an avid reader of Agatha Christie and Ms Collins subtly weaves a few ‘what ifs’ through the book.  There are a few red herrings, a few wrong paths. 

Mavis’s character is at odds with her colleagues – their life experiences differ so much from her own.  But when they take those first steps to find some common ground, it’s clear all have things to learn.

Despite the book’s apparent dark theme, this is a brightly written story.  Mavis isn’t a depressing character.  Her development is inspiring and I can’t help feeling we all know a Mavis.

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Paint Me a Picture