19 August 2012

Shadowland by CM Gray

I began reading Shadowland with no knowledge of the plot – I’d avoided reading the description – I knew I would be in safe hands.

As the story developed from boyhood adventure to a battle for Britain, I was carried along on a tale of spirits and mystical powers where legend and history are so closely intertwined it’s impossible to separate them.

The tale is told from the perspective of a master storyteller and his audience listen with both rapture and scepticism.  As I read of childhood friends Cal and Usher and their perilous adventures, I was with that audience.  Bloody battles were violent, but never overtly graphic.  Friendship and loyalty underpinned the story and there’s a strong message weaved through its theme.

Gray is, of course, that master storyteller; they are his words that create this epic adventure.  Arthur and his times are the stuff of legends, but Gray has created a prequel that introduces characters and conflict that ultimately lead to Camelot itself.   

Fantasy and fiction?  You decide.  There’s a part of me that will always want to believe.

This book is available from Amazon: Shadowland: A Tale From The Dark Ages