11 August 2012

E-learning 101 by Dr Liz Hardy

One of the greatest innovations of our age is e-learning.  We’re no longer shackled to a desk in a classroom, we can learn in the comfort of our own homes.

But that very convenience creates its own problems, but thank goodness Dr Liz Hardy has decided to help us!

Anyone that’s enrolled on an on-line course will know how exciting you feel when you receive your schedule.

It’s all so bright and shiny and new – but very easily that enthusiasm is diluted by influences in the home – TV, friends, the internet.

So how to get back on track?  How to embrace the challenge and succeed?

Dr Liz’s book is a brilliant piece of psychology that could be applied to many aspects of life – it’s won’t just help those embarking on e-learning.

She writes in a chatty, friendly way – don’t fear this is just another dry old piece of text book writing.

I once joked to a friend that it will say on my headstone, ‘Life – the only thing she finished’.  My enthusiasm for learning was never enough to beat my procrastination when it came to studying.  But having participated in a psychology workshop, I know these books can and will help.

It’s not a long book – it won’t distract you from your ultimate goal.  But it will help you get to grips with what’s ahead and allow you to face up to the challenge of e-learning.

The book is available from and