12 July 2012

The Flight of the Griffin by CM Gray

It’s been many decades since I was a Young Adult.  Actually, I never was one – you were either a child or a teenager.

So when I read a novel written for the YA market, what do I think?  Well I question what exactly makes a novel fit the category.  It must contain certain elements that a reader will expect – imagination, intrigue and adventure. 

And don’t forget the story. 

There was a point, early in CM Gray’s novel - The Flight of the Griffin - when I actually felt a shiver of excitement.  The characters were in place, but where were they heading?  For a moment I was that child again.

As the plot was set before me I had regained the wonder of a youngster reading, being taken away to the land of my imagination. 

Later, during one exciting scene, I almost punched the air when the heroes, my heroes, won a battle – if not the war.

Gray has created a whole new world, inhabited by mystical and magical creatures.  But what strikes a chord with children of all ages is that the heroes are the Young Adults who should be reading this book.  They’re the dedicated, brave souls that have the future of that strange world in their hands.

The author doesn’t shy away from danger, there’s just enough to keep the reader on their toes.  This is an intelligent book, written intelligently.  I particularly enjoyed The Hidden – little people that inhabit a wood.  Even YA fiction must follow the rules of ‘show not tell’ and Gray illustrated their lifestyle perfectly.  I could almost smell those folk!

If you’re selecting a book for a YA to read during the holidays, this is it.  If you’re an eternal child yourself, why not lose a few hours with it yourself?

What makes a novel a five star book?  Obviously that top score has to be reserved for the very best of writing.  I can’t think of a single reason why I could knock this book back to four.  Read it and enjoy.

The book is available to download from Amazon:The Flight of the Griffin