15 July 2012

Eloping With Emmy by Liz Fielding

By rights I should have read this book in the garden, enjoying the sunshine.  The reality was that I was snuggled up on my sofa trying to keep warm and dry.  No matter, the thunder storm outside was a perfect match for the stormy relationship in Liz Fielding’s Eloping With Emmy.

Lawyer and hero Brodie was charged with stopping the marriage of his client’s daughter Emmy to a man without any means, let alone independent ones.

Emmy’s father was fabulously wealthy and had a clear picture of his future son-in-law and Kit wasn’t it.

As the action moved to the south of France, Emmy and Brodie played a game of cat and mouse.  Poor Kit was marooned in some remote farmhouse, completely unaware that his future was being toyed with and manipulated.

Liz compares the situation, through Brodie’s eyes, with a typical Cary Grant romance.  The snappy dialogue, the drama and humour reminded me too of the sharply written To Catch A Thief.  Both the Frances (Grace Kelly) and Emmy characters were feisty, fun and charming – and destined to steal a man’s heart.

This was a highly amusing and entertaining love triangle. But there’s more to it than that.  Liz managed to squeeze in more than a surprising twist or two and there was plenty of chuckle and sigh moments as she led this reader home.