6 June 2012

Masquerade by Rivka Spicer

Oceana has her life sorted.  She works for the police as an indexer - helping to solve gruesome crimes with her special brand of intelligence.  Off-duty she designs and makes exquisite masks.  She needs that relaxation to snap her out of the day job.  What she doesn't need is Tristan - a vampire in search of love. 

Haven't vampire stories been done to death?  It seems not.  In Oceana, Tristan bites off more than he can chew (I know that's a clich√©, but it works for this reader).

Rivka's heroine is a tough cookie and her indifference towards the Master just sucks him in more.  Within a few chapters she has him under her spell - Oceana is no mere mortal.

I found the narrative weaved around Oceana's powers a welcome antidote to the vampires' venom.  Rivka created a powerful story that surprised and entertained this reader.

As the story develops, it isn't just the personal battle that keeps the pace and plot racing along.  Not all vampires are bad, some are evil.  Tristan is caught in the middle - but will his love for Oceana save him or kill her?

When you finish reading Masquerade, do what I did and re-read the prologue.  The emotion of those words brings the whole relationship between Oceana and Tristan into clear focus, I found it terribly moving.

Masquerade is available from Amazon.