19 June 2012

Manchester 6 by Col Bury

This isn't so much an anthology, more a small collection of stories that showcase Col's writing.  It's gritty, raw and not something Manchester Tourism will be using to extol the virtues of their city.  But whatever my thoughts are about Manchester, they're based on the stories that make news and as a Manchester man, Col has taken that negativity and been inspired by it.

The opening story, Lucky Shit, sets the tone for what’s to come.  A win at the bookies, more money than sense and a culture of drugs and alcohol are the elements of disaster.

Forum Fury will strike a chord with anyone who’s ventured into an on-line community.  Bullies hide behind the wall of modern technology and possibly cloak us all with paranoia.

The most powerful story was Gallance and it was no surprise that Bury later reveals he hopes to develop the character.  Writing good violence is a little like (writing) good sex – not as easy as it looks.  Col succeeded in convincing me and I read the story, viewing the scenes he created like an action film.

At the end of the collection, Col explains more about his inspirations and just as importantly, the aspirations he has for his writing and his characters.

Rich language, tough scenarios - that's the world we live in.  I may never want to move to Manchester but I certainly want to read more of Col's words.

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