20 June 2012

Dangerous Waters by Anne Allen

If you’re thinking of wandering into a virtual bookshop, looking for that perfect summer read, browse no further than Anne Allen’s novel, Dangerous Waters.

Set on the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey, Anne’s novel has all the elements to keep you enthralled, entertained and eagerly anticipating every morsel – literally.

I’m not a cook, nor a gardener – but I love watching programmes about food and flowers. And so it is with Dangerous Waters.

Jeanne returns to the island to take care of her late grandmother’s estate. The cottage she remembers from childhood is in desperate need of TLC, as is Jeanne.

As she revisits the place she once called home, Jeanne is haunted by flashbacks. What has she been trying to forget? Can she dare to remember? Using the care of the cottage and garden almost as therapy, Jeanne gradually comes to terms with a terrible revelation.

Anne Allen lived on the island and it’s clear she still loves the place – her knowledge is tenderly woven through her words. This is no travelogue, it’s a friend sharing with joy the places and experiences that make Guernsey so special. The history of the island, its culture, climate and cuisine are integral to Anne’s novel.

All good summer reads demand a sprinkling of romance and like the delicious recipes that Jeanne uncovers, Anne has finely seasoned her novel. As I read towards the exciting and satisfying conclusion I was faced with my own dilemma. Should I save the final chapters for another day, or should I wrap myself in the duvet and treat myself to a very, very late night? The novel won, a late night was a small price to pay and I drifted off to sleep very happy and very content.

The novel is available from Amazon:

Dangerous Waters: Volume 1 (The Guernsey Novels)