20 May 2012

Searching for Wodewose by Maurice Sketchley

The joy of reviewing books is that you never know what the next book will reveal.  What makes it a special delight is when you come across a novella like Searching for Wodewose by Maurice Sketchley.

I adore books and films that have an element of fact within their words and scenes.  Just where does the fiction begin?

Sylvia and Matt meet on the sands of a Suffolk beach.  Both have been battered by life - and death - and their burgeoning relationship is never going to be rushed.

But this is no traditional romance – I wouldn’t actually label it a romance on any level.  Sylvia is staying in the area to trace her family’s roots and her chance meeting with Matt sends them on a journey from the sleepy villages of England to the vast forests of Germany.

I’d never come across Wodewose mythology and as I reached for the helping hand of Google, I was amazed to read of the facts behind Maurice’s fiction.

For any of us who have dabbled in genealogy, you will know of the frustrations experienced by Sylvia.  How we all hope to find an ancestor of note.  Sylvia hoped for more.  Read the book to discover if she found it!

Searching for Wodewose is available from Amazon:
Searching for Wodewose