31 May 2012

The Last Woman He'd Ever Date by Liz Fielding

Not long ago I reviewed Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance and having enjoyed the theory, I was keen to see how Liz applied her wealth of knowledge.  So along came The Last Woman He'd Ever Date.  I knew that within a few pages the hero and heroine would meet, there would a connection - in  this case, a forceful one on the lips.  But just how would they resolve their differences, settle disputes and leave me the reader feeling as satisfied as Claire and Hal surely would be?

They had grown up in the same small village.  She held a torch for him, he barely acknowledged her existence.  The local bad boy had been banished, so why was he back?

Liz's tale certainly followed the theory of her Little Book, but of course it's never that easy.  The characters have to be believable and so do their actions. 

I lapped it all up, I willed Claire to see beyond Hal's ruthless persona, for him to realise that money isn't always the key to happiness.

Your emotions are in safe hands with this book - romance with a modern twist.

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