23 August 2011

Bullying - a parent's guide by Jennifer Thomson

From its cover you’d be forgiven if you thought Jennifer Thomson’s book Bullying, A Parent's Guide was just another clinical self-help book. But what struck a chord with me was her use of personal experience. Jennifer was bullied as a child – but she doesn’t hang out for sympathy. What she demands from the reader is an understanding so they can help other children in similar situations.

The book is simply written, it shares information rather than instruct in a formal manner.

There are some excellent tips on how to spot a bullied child – the signs are there, it just takes a little time to join the dots.

Children are often bullied simply for being different – hair, clothes, wearing glasses. But how does a parent raise a child, nurturing that uniqueness without creating the perfect victim? Jennifer tackles that dilemma.

Even bullies have parents, so where did it all go wrong? When you understand what makes a child become a bully you can stop it, right there.

Although this book is aimed at parents, it offers an insight into a subject that just won’t go away. Cyber bullying is on the increase – gone are the days when the bully would just be in the playground – now they’re in your children’s sanctuary – their home.

Read the book and see if you recognise that inner child in you.

Available from Amazon:  Bullying - A Parent's Guide