9 May 2011

One Hundred Ways for a Dog to Train its Human by Simon Whaley

What do you buy a dog that has everything?

As any dog owner knows, there’s a certain arrogance attached to that wagging tail. One never knows if our best friend has heard us, ignored us, or is just playing with us.

Throwing a ball for your dog to retrieve is such a simple pleasure. To a dog it’s like a game of chess and you’re definitely the pawn in his paw.

Dogs are born with much intelligence, it’s possibly unnecessary for any dog to need such a book as this. However, if you want to know what makes your dog tick, it’s essential reading. But a word of warning, don’t try applying reverse psychology to any of the scenarios. The dog will have won before you’ve even sat up and begged.

As a photographer, my favourite nugget: If your family point a camera at you, ignore them if they shout ‘Cheeeeeeeese’. They want to take your photo. They are not signalling another food-tasting session.

My verdict? A pocket-sized shaggy dog story.

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